Thursday, March 2, 2017

Crave Me (O'Brien Family #3) by Cecy Robson @cecyrobson @TastyBookPR

Cecy Robson is one author who gives me exactly what I need in my romance. These characters that have been introduced to me over this series have become living beings in my heart. They don't feel fictional.  I adore every single person Cecy has brought to life on these pages, and always want more of them. 
 Wren was the baby. The lone girl in a huge Irish family . 6 brothers wow. I always felt like she was so tough. The reality is that was true but you can be strong and still have to fight hard, hide the hurt and struggle to protect others from seeing you battle any sort of weakness.
I want to say I hate Bryant so very much.
I don't even want to call him her ex because that validates a relationship that never should have existed.
But my whole heart right now is in the palm of an epic heroes hands. 
Evan encompasses every trait that a book hero should carry. He's so loyal and so protective. 
He looks out for everyone that he cares about and he sacrificed so many times. With his childhood he could have been bitter, angry and jaded. But Evan was open-hearted and absolutely amazing.
Like a magnet when Wren opened her mouth Evan was completely drawn to her.
I could go on and on but I want you to experience this beautiful love story yourself. 

The passion was so deeply embedded into each page. Their dialogue left me breathless one moment and laughing loudly the next. I simply feel like Evan will be a top hero of 2017 and in my top favorite list forever.
This author is #autoread for me and truly a perfect example of what romance is.

I'm so Blown AWAY!!
Can't wait for more.


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