Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Sexy One by Lauren Blakely @LaurenBlakely3

At the risk of repeating myself I have to say again oh my gosh does this lady know how to write romance. Every single time she brings us a couple who isn't perfect but brought together they are perfect for each other. Simon was intriguing to me in Nick and Harper's story. Just the idea of this sexy devoted single father had me wanting his story. Then who would have thought it would be a nanny who stole his heart. Wow Abbie just fit into this little family in the perfect way. I adored how these three bantered and how we saw the relationship together and separately between them all. I can't say enough how refreshing it is to find a story without all the drama like insecurity and anti commitment. Simon and Abbie were all in from the start. I laughed with hilarity and sighed with pleasure throughout this perfect read. Lauren still gives me that safe sexy and sentimental romance I crave.. 


Friday, October 14, 2016

Breaking Free by LeAnn Ashers


I was so excited to see Evelyn get an HEA with a true hero and Dave fit the definition perfectly. From the first protective instinct to his 100% never wavering devotion Dave stole my heart. Sometimes I just need to have low stress instalove reads. Where there's no inner relationship drama and fast moving plots. LeAnn Ashers is one that always checks those boxes.

 This relationship had the sweetest romantic trifecta of epilogues that had me grinning and teary.

 Just so good. 

 Can't wait for more.

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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Bad Apple (Uncertain Saint's MC #4) by Lani Lynn Vale @lanilynnvale

I was intrigued with Apple "Core" Drew from the moment he was introduced in the previous installment. The name Apple would make you think he'd be all fun and games and jokes and laughs. But this guy had a past that would break your heart. Then comes his MC Brother Ridley's little sister Kitt Walker. She's got issues ..and together these two make for one emotionally chaotic disaster. But what Lani does well is take two broken individuals and somehow turns them into one solid team who would go to the ends of the earth for each other. That's a true romance element I have to have. I need to believe in my couple and these two had some major ups and downs but in the end of the day they always had each others back. Apple did his very own best to fight the feelings he had for Kitt but there now way these two could stay away from each other. One night and a life is created and then their own worlds are turned upside down. Even when Apple was pushing Kitt away he was still THERE the shadows and that stole my heart. The suspense that Lani does best was right there in the back ground and I loved that Kitt was strong and fought her own battles. There was humor and there was tears. A little bit of other woman drama did kinda take me away from the story for a bit but luckily it didn't last long. I definitely enjoy the stories without anything like that . The one thing that I applaud this author for though is she keeps her couples true to each other. I am very nervous about Ridley's story because once you say a man has had the "love of his life" you really don't leave much chance for a new love to be equal. It's just making me nervous. But if anyone can win me over's Lani.  I really enjoy getting lost in the world this author creates. She just has that easy smooth feel to her writing. Always anxious for more <3
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Friday, August 26, 2016

The Sapphire Heist (Jewel #2) by Lauren Blakely @LaurenBlakely3 @InkSlingerPR

The conclusion of this sexy series kept me guessing till the very end. The last book left me with my mouth hanging open and I just couldn't wait to see how this couple would work things out.  I adored Jake and Steph and their sizzling chemistry. They had obstacles that went beyond the mystery of their search for diamonds. Their mistrust due to past betrayal caused them some angst and for a time I was pretty irritated with both of them. They both were stubborn at times yet thankfully their growing feelings helped them work things out a long with sweet and funny grovel by this sexy hero. Lauren balanced the mystery and the angst with the perfect balance of humor and suspense. I rooted for these two to not only find their answers but to also realize their past didn't define their present or most importantly the future they could have together. This was a exciting and sexy series and I can't wait for more from Lauren.
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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Loving His Forever by LeAnn Ashers @LeannAshers @ejbookpromos

I'm filled with sheer happiness and all things of Romance bliss that could be found after reading this newest installment from the talented Leeann. She blows me away with each page, each chapter and I'm left sighing with bittersweet longing at the end. I wanted Ethan and Braelyn's story immediately after they were introduced in Protecting His Forever. Ethan is the perfect example of a Hero. He never wavered from first sight and he stole my heart on every single page he was on. So sweet yet so alpha in all the right ways. Then Liam.. Oh that mini alpha I'll be anxiously waiting for his forever to come. Then low and behold LeAnn gives us more manly goodness of Torch.. Omg swoon. Like we already have Chase and Isaac we are stalking stories. LeAnn lady I could go on and on but seriously I'm so on love with these stories. The characters are so alive and passionate. I'm gripping my kindle during the action and I'm laughing out loud at the comedy and humor. Then throw in every single aspect of the romance and love along with the camaraderie and friendships. Well it's just that good.
Anytime I find an author who concentrates on building relationships by having loyal characters and no inner relationship angst I am hooked. Safe books are my Crack and this lady is my newest supplier. No drama with other women at all and that's just the way I love it. 

I see massive good things ahead with the MC story line and have faith she'll prove that you can write MC romance without having drama like sweetbutts and club shanks. I trust her heroes will be just like Kane and Ethan.. Loyal and true from the start.

Friday, August 19, 2016

I Like Big Dragons and I Cannot Lie (The Dragon #1) by Lani Lynn Vale @LaniLynnVale

This was a good start to Lani's debut Paranormal series. The characters were immediately captivating. I enjoyed the family ties and the explosive action. When a story keeps me on the edge of my seat with suspense and thrilling adventure, I'm definitely satisfied. I didn't find this very romantic until late in the book. Because Lani did a great job building up this magical yet modern world I still enjoyed it just for those reasons alone. My favorite parts where the small dragons. I also loved how the characters could share power. Blythe and Keifer grew on me as the story progressed. I felt by the end their feelings had started to really be portrayed in a emotional way. I really enjoy when a couple spend time together and you actually feel "why" they fall in love. I'm hoping the next installment has more of a couple centered love story. I still enjoyed the start of what looks to be a sexy, magical and adventurous series. 

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4 Solid stars

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Branding the Virgin by Alexa Riley @_alexariley @ardentprose


I love going into an Alexa Riley book that I'll have just what I want. This one really kept a smile on my face. It started when Ty took the keys and I knew I'd have an alpha who wasn't asking and would steal my heart.
 Mary Jane was just the right type of meek and sweet that Ty needed to balance his bossiness. This sexy sweet read was a perfect read for a rainy night.

 I didn't want it to end but that's usual for this author. I can already see some amazing things for these characters. As always I'm left happy yet my inner addict is screaming more more more.

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