Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Stone Princess (Tin Gypsy #3) by Devney Perry

Once again Devney captivated my senses and swept me away to a Montana town that felt like I was coming home.
Presley was a character that I really felt had layers of secrets from the first book. I loved how the Tin Gypsy's welcomed her in like a daughter and a sister.
I was so curious about how she'd find her love story as I knew Jeremiah was dirt.
So in comes the movie star Shaw Vallance. Like his name he exuded vibrancy like you had to stop and look again, watch, pay attention because he just caught you from the start.
With his reasons for coming to Clifton Forge being a black cloud it didn't set Presley and him off on a good footing. Oh but the attraction was there from day one.
I loved these two together.
I hated the angst and my heart broke for Shaw yet at the same time I understood Presley wanting to heal. I just really felt so sick during the whole "Luke" phase. But I actually loved Luke... Ahh my tortured heart.
Yet... We know Devney has a way of making things right! Boy that epilogue and the teaser for Noble Prince.. Ahhh I need it today Devney! 💞

5 stars again! Even through my pain I trusted you'd keep my heart safe and you did. Another perfect loyal hero..  Thank you.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Butterfly Bayou by Lexi Blake

Butterfly bayou was full of surprises for me. Starting off with a speed trap caused by an alligator this small town romance totally swept me away like sweet ice tea on my front porch swing. Based in Louisiana it definitely felt like home. Armie, our hero, was strong, dependable and protective. Of course he's not bad on the eyes either. Lila was a force of nature he never expected. These two had one million obstacles it felt like they had to overcome. I cried, laughed and had so many moments of anger. This author pulled all the feels out of my heart. I was lost in the story and never wanted it to end. I can't wait to see where this little town will take us.

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Friday, March 6, 2020

Runaway Road (Runaway #1) by Devney Perry @DevneyPerry

Runaway Road is the first installment of Devney Perry's new series about an interesting group of characters who've known each other from childhood and through all the trials into adulthood.
This book is about Londyn and her pit stop on her away across country, running from her past, that turns into a whirlwind romance with the absolutely wonderful guy Brooks.

There's humor, passion and even suspense in this easy and smooth reading story. Like you'd expect from a Devney Perry read you'll have that building anticipation of a special kind of romance and slow burn passion.
Brooks is beyond amazing. He's loyal, respectful and protective. His reaction to Londyn just melted my heart. 

I loved him.
Londyn has some choices to make. You have to read this book because the way things play out and the secrets on both sides are pretty explosive.
#OneClickNow to take a ride on this Runaway Road into a beautiful HEA
That's not a spoiler.. Its a Devney Guarantee in my honest opinion.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Bishop's Endgame by Katie Reus

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The final installment in this sizzling romantic series was explosive and full of intriguing elements. From the moment that Ellis was mentioned in the first book I simply wanted that mystery solved and all of the answers as to who he was and why he left. Ellis exuded serious control and restraint. At first I didn't know how to feel about his meet up with Arianna. The secrets and danger ,the fear and distrust. Well this definitely wasn't your average meet cute. No this was raw and viscous. Underneath that danger there was a rapidly simmering inferno of volatility and passion for both. I was holding my breath waiting for the volcanic explosive passion to erupt. When it did ,boy oh boy.

I loved every nerve wracking page. But I adored the Sweet and satisfying conclusion. Katie does it again. Loyal heroes who always come through and courageous heroines who are not afraid of the ride.

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Monday, January 27, 2020

Riven Knight (Gypsy Kings #2) by Devney Perry @DevneyPerry

Jumping back into Clifton Forge and the surprising marriage of Isaiah and Genevieve was like coming home to friends. The way Devney breathed life into these characters is just a testament of her incredible talent.
There's so many secrets, layers and layers of earth shattering secrets. This couple had a mountain to climb. A fake marriage, murder, crazy enemies and two broken hearts. There's so much pain,guilt and sadness heaped into a small bud of hope that it took so much patience and tenderness to get that little leaf to reach for the sun..

When Isaiah let go and tried to give his heart you'll realize not everything is as it seems. This man, this beautifully 💔 broken man will teach you a thing or two about how hard it is to forgive yourself when everyone else has already forgave you.

I never wanted to reach in a book and hug a character so much then when Isaiah shared his nightmare with Genevieve. His soul had scars and those scars still painfully wept. When he let his heart breathe again oh how much love this man had pouring from the cracks in his battered heart  

Genevieve had a heart of pure grace. Her steadfast and tender touch gave Isaiah exactly what he needed. 

There's a connection to Isaiah that crazy Devney Perry and her magical imagination weaves into this exhilarating story and when you realized that connection please tell me if it brings you to your knees like the moment it hit me. Probably the last time I got a shock like that was when Jacob imprinted on Renesmee 🤯. 
Mind-blowing moment, truly. 

I must've sat and stared at the wall 5 full minutes with my mouth hanging open.

 I must be crazy but not once did it even cross my mind in Gypsy King. Not once did it even start to dawn on me till that moment. 

Isaiah's past weaves a tale of tattered hearts and tragic dreams. Genevieve gives him love that adds a pure and healing chapter that goes into forever. 
The way all of the secrets of so many people affected every person in some way is just so intriguing. My heart wept so many times. 
Oh Draven.. Sigh. 
Needless to say I loved this so much! Even with my heart being torn open and put back together. 
The characters in this series are so full of secrets, mystery and life that I simply wish I could have the next story right now. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Early Dawn by Catherine Anderson

Early Dawn (Keegan-Paxton #4)Early Dawn by Catherine Anderson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Overall Audible rating
5 out of 5 starsPerformance 5 out of 5 starsStory 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 01-06-20

The narrator did a fantastic job. Inflection, tone and emotion came through great. The different voices of the many different characters was amazing.

The trauma that both Matthew and Eden lived through was something out of your worst nightmare.
The evil that exists in the world back then was portrayed in a terrifying way.
The Sebastian Brothers were evil personified.
Matthew had to show such bravery and perseverance. Eden lived through something that would normally break the strongest man. She had steel running through her veins.
I normally have a hard time with widower stories as I feel the hero doesn't let go and give the heroine a real chance to show their love is just as important. Matthew did struggle yet the way that these two fell into an amazing friendship first proved that love can bloom and grow anywhere.

That if you open a window in your heart, the light of love will fill all the cracks and spaces yet the people who live there aren't gone. They just live among the memories and in the new light of love.

This was beautiful, this was suspenseful and this was just everything I love in a romance.
Again Catherine Anderson proves she's a queen.

🌺 🌻 🌼 🌷

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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Dustwalker by Tiffany Roberts @TiffanyRobertsF

Wow I love post apocalypse stories. This felt like I was in this world with Laura and Ronan. So much suspense and excitement. There was some parts that had my heart beating out of my chest.
Then there were some heart wrenching scenes that had tears welling. But the best was how these two fell in love and wasn't afraid of it. 

Ronan wasn't shying away from his feelings (first he had to acknowledge that he had feelings when "Bots" weren't supposed to) he was pretty sweet and sexy. 🔥 💞💗

Then there was humor.. A robot with a funny side? 

“Smart ass.” 

“My ass is, at best, 
of average intelligence.”

Sign me up! 💞 

I adored that there wasn't any unnecessary issues like other women drama or anything like that. I loved that Ronan saw purpose in simply loving Laura. Humanity isn't just beating hearts. It's compassion, empathy and cherishing those you care about.

Ronan was more human than some who had all the necessary parts..
I can't wait to see how this series progresses.

*This was an audible escape version. Unabridged and the two narrators were amazing. The inflection and tone in the various characters were spot on. I definitely recommend that anyone who loves Sci-fi (not just romance) should give this a go.
*It's also available in Kindle Unlimited with Audio so you can switch back and forth.
🌺 🌻 🌼 🌷

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