Monday, September 18, 2017

Savage Rising (Redemption Harbor #2) by Katie Reus @katiereus

Savage Rising was absolutely breathtaking. From the first page to the last I felt as if I was sitting on the edge of my seat in an action packed movie theater. Katie blew me away with Colt and Skye’s beautiful love story in Resurrected , the first installment. But in this one she took a big, gruff, hulk of a man and brought him to his knees all with the power of one brave woman and her adorable little girl. 

Olivia was truly a great heroine .She lived for her baby girl and that always steals my heart. Savage (Zac) was truly the best kind of hero. He didn’t think love was possible for him and didn’t even know how to recognize it . But when he meets Olivia all bets are off. 
I love romantic suspense and Katie does it like a true pro. She balances the sizzling passion with the mystery in the best way. This sexy romance moved fast but felt complete in every way. I really loved seeing all the other characters and all the teasing of future love connections. Oh Gabe you really made me want your story right now. Then Brooke’s wow ..that tease about your lost love broke my heart. Can’t wait till Katie gives me more!

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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Dark Secrets (Dark series #2) by Jessica Gadziala @JessicaGadziala

Each time I start a book by this author I seem to find I'm immediately immersed in a world that takes colors and strips them down into hundreds of shades. There is right and wrong in this world and so many things in between those two definitions that sometimes the bad guys aren't bad all the way through and the good guys have to be bad to even things out a bit. Jessica has a way with mystery injected with a love story that has me so invested in the story that I almost always feel sad when it's over. Reading as many books as I have.. Feeling sad after a book is rare. Maybe I've grown a bit numb, after all boy meets girl and they live happily ever after can only be written so many different ways before it all seems to blend into each other.
But that is where Jessica breaks that mold. She has created a universe that has so many characters that climb into your heart. I even want stories about characters that I actually didn't like at the beginning. This time the romance was a little hard for me to get behind at first. I'm a strong woman, I've raised a strong man whose risking his life in every type of job (Marine, Cop, firefighter) and I have two more boys I'm raising.. And I've bent over backwards trying to instill into their soul that woman are equals... Yet they are also to be treasured, cherished and protected.. You can do that standing side by side.. Believe it or not. Now having said that I still a girly girl romantic at heart. So even when I like my romance a little rough I need a balance of sweet, soft and cherishing. I felt that lacking in the beginning because Faith seemed a little too tough but then suddenly Jessica peeled back more layers and the softness came through in a completely believable way so I felt it transpired smoothly and perfectly. 
 She's a fucking battle axe wrapped in velvet.
Daniel was the best balance of alpha to partner and those epilogues had me almost sobbing with emotion. 
 It was just them- two people who fell in love in an impossible situation and, against all odds, made it work.

When you bring tears to my eyes.. You've done your job. Thank you Jessica again for giving me a love story I felt deep and truly to my soul.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Most Valuable Playboy by Lauren Blakely @LaurenBlakely3

Once again Lauren Blakely has given my romantic soul a love story filled with heart, humor and heat. Friends to lovers stories always make me nervous but Lauren is the master of avoiding disaster in this type of plot. She weaves a believable story about a friendship that blossoms into love and passion without the drama of someone sitting on the sidelines moping about unrequited feelings. No Lauren gives you a story that brings you right there to the moment, falling with the characters, while they fall,  you fall too. Violet and Cooper took the passion of newly discovered feelings to a whole different level. They uncovered their hidden passion and set it to burn. There's something about the perfect balance of humor that really sets this author's books apart from others out there. She gives you just enough seriousness but keeps it light and flirty. I can't wait to see where this series will go. I thoroughly enjoyed every page of this flirty romance. 

Most Valuable Playboy

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Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Beauty of Us (Fusion #4) by Kristen Proby @HandbagJunkie


Riley and Trevor made me swoon, smile and even cry a bit. This story was high on romance, passion and beauty.

 What made me really happy is that although outside drama caused quite a bit of angst, the hero was absolutely perfect in how he handled everything that came his way. From the start Trevor showed Riley how a woman is to be cherished, treasured and loved. I adored that Trevor was a geeky yet sexy gamer and that intelligence and smarts is why he fit so well with the sassy Riley. She had a yearning to feel loved and seeing almost all of her friends settling down drove home how lonely she was. The previous recent dates seemed to be frog after frog and Trevor truly proved that princes do exist. 
I can't wait for Mia to find her HEA and after this epilogue let's just say there's a whole lot of unanswered questions and actually a lot of things make sense now. 
5 Passionate stars ✨

Monday, August 7, 2017

So Good by Nicola Rendell

This author just gets me. Just reaches right into my romantic heart and gives me characters I adore and stories that settle inside my soul. 
Here you'll find a couple who shared a love that grew from innocent friendship to blazing forever love all due to a mishap opportunity of peaking through a skylight. Max always knew Rosie was special in a way he'd never let her go.. But to fall head over heels for his best friend after so many years of shaking off inappropriate thoughts. 

Well this shook him up big time. Rosie was a little slower to figure things out but with a hero like Max she didn't stand a chance. 

Add in a crotchety old cat that thought she ruled the homestead. 

A sweet little diva dog spoiled by an alpha male and ovaries will explode. 

This story will definitely make you swoon and smile.
 It's just so good

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