Thursday, May 10, 2018

Serenity (Fortuity Duet#2) by Rochelle Paige @RochellePaige1

 I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I've found a truly talented author when she takes me on the best kind of emotional journey. Rochelle slowly seduced me in Fortuity and I was completely enthralled and rooting for Dillon and Faith. The end had me screaming for their conclusion. I was so ready to see how strong their love was gonna be. Faith had a life that taught her in many ways that those that love you will leave. They'll leave you even when you didn't do anything wrong. So when faced with something about herself that she doesn't know how it will effect their relationship she sits on it a while. I completely understood her hesitancy.

This is where Rochelle proved to me that I can trust her. 
I can trust she might break my heart.

 She might make me so mad at a character that I want to throw my kindle but after all the ashes settle I'll see true healing and forgiveness on the other side. 

Dillon is the character that had me feeling all of this. The way he handled this revelation couldn't have gone more wrong. Faith was vulnerable and Dillon hurt her exactly like she feared. 

I think there's only a few elements in books that can bring me back to a very dark place of my 1st marriage. Abandonment and completely being ignored for days is something that causes the worst anxiety to crawl up inside of me. I felt every single thing Faith felt. I wasn't sure that I could get past this. I was actually pretty scared. I pushed through and I'm so very glad I did.

 Rochelle had Dillon face the pain he caused and the repercussions which were partly his fault yes but also something I wanted Faith to wake up and realize no man should ever get that much power that it effects your health.
So these obstacles were truly hard but what was beautifully portrayed was how they worked together to heal. They didn't sweep it under the rug. They did it as a team,  facing things head on.

As always Rochelle writes love stories. She makes sure the reader not only feels the characters connection but I feel their passion and devotion. There's Heart, Heat and a beautiful HEA because she's an author you can trust. 

 I cried some major tears when Dillon had to take a moment and deal with the one person who changed his life forever. Gifts can come in so many packages. But when it's through sacrifice that's where love lives.

Thank you Rochelle for writing with Heart, Mind and Soul. You've really set the bar lady.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Save Me ( O'Brien Family #5) BY CECY ROBSON

Save me is Seamus story and I was so ready for it. Seamus was the brother that had the absolute worst luck in the Romance department. But to be honest it's not like he actively searched for crazy ladies. It's just that sometimes people don't look under the surface into the real true character inside. Because he's a man's man who works with his hands, women only saw what he could give them physically. Allie even noticed his physical attributes first. And then the flip side is she's hiding her beauty and so both are almost invisible where it counts. Knowing of each other for years they both have preconceived ideas of what each other is like. I really enjoyed the humor and the slow friendship to love that they story have me. I laughed so hard so many times at the insane things that came out of Seamus mouth. He's just too funny for me to get irritated with. Yes I knew playboys I usually avoid and really don't like but well the way Seamus was determined to help Allie shed the cocoon she lived it well my heart just couldn't fight off all the adorable things Seamus did.

There's some evil characters and some really sad parts to Allie and Seamus childhood. I had some moments of tears several times.
The one shining character in this authors series is Mrs O'Brien. This lady puts the capital H in Hero. She's loyal, brave and a Godly woman. I truly wish she'd get her own romance. She deserves it.
I'm sad to see this series go. Such wonderful tales of faith, family and friendship. Truly magical. Truly romance.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Love at Last by Claudia Connor @Claudia_Connor

At this moment after closing my kindle and having butterflies in my stomach and a sweet song in my heart I simply want to scream please read this book!

 If you are a Romance addict like me you search high and low for that sweet fall. That deep emotional, can't stop flipping the pages, don't want to put it down and absolutely hate when it ends, type of read. Love at last is every bit of that and more.

Single parent stories are probably my favorite. Add in the single dad angle and you've got me hooked every time. But find me a hero like Deacon, who isn't just a single dad but a real hands on father. He's put his girls Maci and Margo at the center of his world. He's a man who loves deeply and forever.

 He's a man who cherishes family and all that it entails. Finding Claire at the most perfect time for everything in the romance stars to line up and change their lives forever was purely magical. I had moments of so much emotion reading this story. 

There is something beautiful, breathtaking, awe inspiring when I read or see a dad and his children. A man holding his world, that takes my breath away but seeing him find and claim the other love of his life well I had tears and joy and just a heart so full reading about Deacon and Claire.

 Wow I just feel so full. So much love among these pages. Simply perfect. 

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Fortuity (Fortuity Duet#1) by Rochelle Paige @RochellePaige1

Rochelle Paige has raised the bar so high in Fortuity. There was absolutely the most emotional depth to everything about this story. Every character had purpose and vibrancy. So much life was felt in the thoughts and dialogue. Dillon and Faith were like a storm that you never realized was on its way. 

No preparation could be done that would help them be ready for each other. 

They felt such a deep connection and neither could fight the pull. Their love grew from purely physical, elemental chemistry to soul deep and their passion was beautiful. 

I absolutely can't wait to see what's going to happen with this amazing couple. Faith and her  journey to overcome adversity and triumph over her childhood has really touched my heart. I can definitely feel the authors own personal experiences flowing into these characters  breathing life page by page. 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Come as you Are by Lauren Blakely @LaurenBlakely3

Come as you are was simply put, pure sexy romance on every single page. My favorite thing about the romance genre is the fall of course.
Some times I'm in the mood for that fast, sexy and dirty tumble into the happy ever after. . Other times it's the slow and steady and slow burn that strikes my fancy and warms my heart.
Lauren Blakely is the pure and brilliant expert of finding the perfect middle ground of both of these ideal love stories tropes. She's always a feel good author. She's always guaranteed to bring a smile to my face and warmth sizzling through my veins.

What I really adore though is how every single couple just live inside my kindle with this vibrant emotion, deeply unique personalities and interesting viewpoints on life and love. There's no rinse and repeat when it comes to Lauren's stories. You begin at the fall and you end with the passionate and believable love.
 Here Flynn is the sexy, nerdy, and brilliant mind, the honorable and straight forward hero.  Sabrina is the focused, loyal and driven modern woman. Her love and dedication for her brother warmed my heart and earned my respect. The struggles and heartache Sabrina endured didn't cause her to be jaded. They did cause her to be careful though. But add in a masquerade party, an Angel and a Duke and all care and sensibility is paused. 
One night starts a beautiful love story that absolutely touched my heart and made me feel all those wonderful things only romance can do

. I absolutely want Kevin's story. I know if anyone can bring faith and romance into the right kind of balance it would definitely be this author.

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