Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Dawn (Hero Society #1) by Jessica Florence


When I heard that Jessica was writing a super hero series I will not lie, I kinda screamed a bit. I am the mom who is first in line to start hopping up in down when a new movie hits the big screen where hot guys find bad guys. Yea my kids do not have to beg this mom to to take them to see anything action (hot guy) packed.
This story starts off with a bit of sadness . Draco has lived so many years and lost so much. He closed his heart off to the idea of every getting close to someone again. Then comes Rose who is someone he couldn't ignore and his heart wouldn't let him. 

These two were a mixture of funny and feisty, broken and strong and loyal to a fault. Once they gave their heart away it was forever. No matter if it's friendship or love they are two people who will stand beside you to the end. So much excitement, suspense and passion are found in this crazy ride of a story. 

Many characters are introduced and amps of the imagination of what's to come. I definitely recommend this read to those that love action, intrigue and pulse pounding danger, while falling in love with a unique couple . I can't wait to see where this series takes us.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Untameable by Jamie Schlosser @JamieSchlosser


This was such a fun book. I am a cat lover and anyone who has seen my profile on Facebook would know this. Cats to me are God's little joke. Like here's this fuzzy little animal but hey guess what.. They have their own mind and they do what they want. I adore kitty's and so hearing about this book had me so excited. Jamie has a way with balancing humor with emotion in such a poignant way. Emery (first time by the way I read a hero named that.. Good job) was such a good guy. Funny yes but so much more. 

His heart and his sense of loyalty and family responsibility just touched my heart. Estelle was a contradiction in a small package with a huge heart. While seemingly to be this hermit cat hoarder, what she really was like is simply a good friend with a lonely heart. She really was outgoing but just kinda too busy to make friendships. But Emery came along and shook up her world in the best way. I loved all the cats and the characters who adopted them. The relationship and circumstances regarding Emery's dad really had me sad and at the same time hopeful. His love story with his wife Mary is the best kind of romance. To see Emery and Estelle fall into an epic love like theirs was beyond romantic. 
Their epilogue had me kinda emotional I won't lie. Jamie had smiling like a loon on one page then swooning on the next. Simply put this author gives you all the feels and they are all good. 


Saturday, September 30, 2017

Stud Finder (1001 Dark Nights) by Lauren Blakely @LaurenBlakely3


I felt like a smile never left my face while reading this sexy, funny, and simply sweet addition the Lauren's phenomenal universe of wacky characters. It's so cool that e every time I step into a book by this author, she magically welcomes me into a comfortable world where things are just simpler and less drama awaits. I love a sexy nerd for a hero and Dylan was everything that spells perfect hero. 

Evie wasn't just your average heroine, she had the coolest freaking job ever. A matchmaker? To be a female version of Hitch sounds fun and exciting. Then to find her own soul mate right in front of her eyes.. It was just simply good. 

Loved all the humor and of course the Sizzling hot sexy times. Lauren still checks my boxes and fills my cup while setting my kindle on fire.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Racer (Real #7 ) by Katy Evans @AuthorKatyEvans


It feels like ages since I fell in love with a hero by the name of Remington Tate. The one thing that stands true is this guy stole my heart and I've never been the same. My first real book review was for Racer's dad Remy and it changed so many things for me. To be able to spread my love of books, authors and everything beautiful about romance. When I heard Katy had decided to write Racer, I admit I kinda screamed a bit. 
I have loved every single installment in the Real series but nobody ever touched my love for Remy.
Racer again seduced my senses and touched my heart. Full of life and energy this sexy guy sped right past all my caution flags and really claimed into my heart to stay right there with his dad.
 Lana was perfect for Racer because she saw beyond the pretty package and felt his need for acceptance and love. Together they burned up my kindle and had me slowly reading so the story wouldn't end. Remy will always be my #PerfectHero #TopFav but Racer is right there sitting beside him. Katy has a way of just giving me those heroes who are loyal from first sight and so male that you feel the testosterone oozing on the pages.
 Racer is more than speed , he's passion, Beauty and energy that definitely won me over.

 I really hope Katy brings us back since Lana has 3 brothers and sassy Iris needs her alpha to claim her.
Amazing story, amazing hero. Hands down loved it.

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