Saturday, May 31, 2014

Unbreakable Hearts by Harper Bentley

4 Love of Oz Stars for Story &
  10 Sizzling Hearts for Heat. 
This book was written in a way that was very different for me. POV from several different characters and quite a very very long wait until the Hero and Heroine even interact. But it was pretty engaging and interesting so I kept reading once Oz and Tilly finally meet I was HOOKED
Oz is really an amazing character. He is funny, proud and loyal. One filthy dirty talking hero that just heated up my Kindle. His bossiness made me tingle and there wasn't a thing about Oz that I didn't love.
  I loved him. When a guy just makes up his mind and claims his woman that is they guy for me. Tilly was so cute in her inexperience but Oz brought out the little vixen inside.
 Some action, suspense and even some comedy made this one a really sweet read.



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