Sunday, November 15, 2015

Fighting Wrath (Deadly Sins #2) by Jennifer Miller @JenMillerWrites

I am so torn right now with how I feel about this book. So I'm gonna break it down in loves and dislikes.
I loved Tyson, he was so protective and loyal to those he cared for. He had demons he was battling but he really did try so hard to always be there for those that depended on him.
I adored sweet Lilly and the other characters from Fighting Envy.  There were so many supportive friends. I felt like it was one big family. I loved that Sydney couldn't keep up her walls against Tyson. That their undeniable chemistry could be literally felt vibrating from the pages. I wanted them to work out. I rooted for them from the start. This author has a very talented way of bringing out the characters wants and desires so you feel their love grow. Its truly so much passion between these two.

The things I disliked had me loose some respect for the love story. I think its fair to say that each person has their own moral compass that we live by. What's right for me may not be right for you. I truly believe that people in committed relationships shouldn't participate in certain activities. I think that Tyson did something that was a little bit of a double standard when the climax of this story came to head. I also think his feelings were justified but at the same time he was saying it's ok for him to do something but Sydney was supposed to be held to a different standard. Then Sydney lied by omission throughout the story. The thing is she also felt guilty. What she decided to continue doing once she started dating Tyson to me was not something anyone should do while in a relationship. This is my own personal beliefs and yea she was in a bad place and was trying to survive. If I hadn't lived at age 16 with my infant son to raise all alone but close differently then I would understand her choice more but the fact is she chose differently and couldn't respect her own choices.

Having read through all of these issues I still found parts of this story beautiful and healing. I cried several times. In the end what was important was that these two people learned from their mistakes and healed together. I fully believed in their HEA by the end so even among all my triggers and personal tastes issues this author did get job. She proved that redemption is possible and true love can survive if you really try and believe not only in each other but in yourself. For me even though this book took me out of my comforting "safe" zone.. it still stayed with me and really touched my heart. For that I am glad I braved pushing myself a little. For really when an author can make you feel things that shake you up and make you think, well I say she's doing her job.

Not quite perfect stars but 

Imperfect stars of healing

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