Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sweet Fix by Sasha Gold

Blown away again 💞😍💞😍

Every time I pick up a Sasha Gold book I am taken by surprise. It's like she simply gets better and better. The Queen of slow burn, with Sizzling sexual tension so thick I feel like it's seeping from my kindle with its intensity. This book took those elements to an entirely different level. I went from curiosity to anger at Trig.. That was the first part of the book. My anger had this skin deep feeling of wonder, confusion and frustration. How could he make me so mad and still I needed more of him? Then slowly like the magician Sasha is she peeled back those thick layers he's got built up like the scars he wears. He went from protector to a man who'd do anything just to provide, guide and simply be a part of this young woman's life. His attraction grew at a level that turned my emotions on their head. He fell so slowly yet so completely I actually felt the love so deep I had tears. There's nothing, and I mean nothing like an alpha hero who is dead set on taking on the world for the woman he loves. Maggie had sadness, and loneliness in her life.. Like a castaway she never felt like she belongs anywhere. Trig was a mystery to get, strong, angry and full of power she couldn't help but respond to. Her fear turned to longing and her response grew to a soul deep yearning. When Trig stepped up with a bone deep dedication I sighed with romance perfection.  
Sasha you take my heart and you make it beat to the rhythm of such beautiful love stories penned into pages of beauty. Like a storm that is chaotic and calming all at the same time. I savor these stories and space them out.. Lady you really have no clue at the talent you have on one chapter compared to whole novels that scream best seller. I will not stop screaming read Sasha Gold till every single romance loving person hears your name. 
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