Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Deadly Obsession by Victoria Paige -@vpaigebooks

From the opening scene,  this book sucked me in with a sense of OH my gosh what will happen next? I love suspense, I love sexy times, I really love dirty mouth alpha males who aren't shy about going after what they want. Jake wanted Ella like he had never wanted anything.
 From the bottom of his soul to the breath that he breathed he needed her like air. The mystery right away had me trying to figure things out and every single time I was wrong. With Ella it was like an onion being peeled back trying to figure out really what was in her heart and with someone like Jake, thankfully he took the choice out of her hands. She only had to let her mind follow her heart. 
Victoria Paige just has this way with the suspense that makes you flip through the pages devouring her reads. But right there in the middle you're falling in love at the same time as the characters. I wanted to figure this book out so bad and at the same time didn't want to finally come to the conclusion because then it would be over. But Victoria didn't let this be a crash landing. NO she wrapped it up perfectly and left me smiling and warm all over. I adored every moment and even though the blurb and the first few chapters would make me think this would cross boundaries I usually run is not like that at all. One amazing love story with characters I just loved from the start ..even when I didn't know if I should like them at all. Passion and electricity that is what kept me riveted and that is what kept me reading. Total post-romantic-read happiness hangover commences  right now. .

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