Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Perfect Ten (Forbidden Men #5) by Linda Kage

Some authors like Linda Kage seem to know how to suck me in even when there are things involved I usually have issues with. This story is one that at times bugged me but for the most part I couldn't stop reading because I wanted Ten and Caroline to find their happiness so badly. A choice Caroline made that I'm not at all OK with brought her into Tens life and he immediately found himself smitten for the one girl that his best friend deemed hands off. His feelings wouldn't go away so his response was to sleep with as many girls as he could.. that's how much he cared? That made me not like Ten very much in the beginning. If I would have spent time thinking on these actions I'd have had to stop reading so I took a step back and remembered that Linda has a way of turning characters into people with flaws that actually grow and change and so I grew with Ten and Caroline .. falling with them and finding a little grace and mercy in my heart. I found that Ten was funny and loyal. I found Caroline was a girl trying to forgive herself while fighting for the one man she wanted and she never gave up. There was one moment where her judgement came a little too late and I felt really bad for Ten because he never hid his past..she knew who he was so that was really a bad way for her to handle things.. but well Linda in her magic ways brought things together with pain..and beauty and threw in an epilogue that had me in tears. I'm glad I gave Ten a chance and Caroline too. I really have to say that Linda is one author that for some reason keeps me right on the border of my do not cross line...but some how saves me from falling over. She does this by simply making characters..not just interesting..but she makes them human...flaws and all. 

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