Friday, December 18, 2015

Like Arrows (Cedar Tree #6) by Freya Barker @freya_barker

This book was another absolutely amazing edition to a favorite series of mine. I loved Malakai from his first introduction and he just kept growing on me.
Now in the beginning of this book Mal had me shaking my head and thinking 

"You dumbass mean jerk "
He said some things that had me lose respect for him. I actually cried a bit because I really never expected him to hide behind excuses and be a jerk.
I didn't know how I could start to even like him again but I know Freya has a way of tearing her characters down to the bare bones of their personality. 

She was whispering in my ear. Tell me to be patient and then she builds them back up layer my layer showing the reader the real person inside.

 Mal was a man.. Plain and simple. A man who made mistakes but always made up for them. When this big beautiful man knew what he wanted, nothing stood in his way. He wanted Kim and he not only wanted her physically but he truly wanted to know her and love her in every way. 

Which is something Kim had zero experience with. Nobody had every just really gotten to know her and learn all the parts that made her who she was. He was so patient and just kind and he stole my heart. 

Kim was living a shell of a life and she needed to bulldozing sensuality of Mal to wake up her empty existence. She slowly came out of her shell and shed those layers of hurt and resentment. She actually realized that she could have people who cared and saw the beauty she owned. Not only on the outside but her caring and sweet heart. 

I love every one of these extraordinary characters and how Freya didn't just write love stories, she built a family of people from all walks of life and in that family I could see myself belonging. I shed quite a few tears at pivotal moments in this story of healing, strength and faith. I didn't want it to end and the brightest side of the ending I is I know that these characters won't stop talking to Freya so I can't wait for more. Now give me Neil and Kendra. Who says a younger guy can't be alpha.. Just wait. I see good things.
Loved this from beginning to end even when I was mad and crying. Because one things for sure, Freya always makes it right.


  1. OMG.... early morning slobbering here.... So, so beautiful, this review. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! xox Freya B.

    1. Absolute enjoyment and love lady. Can't get enough.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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