Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Aftermath (The Hurricane, #2) by R.J. Prescott @rjprescottauth

It was like coming home when I started this book. But to have the extra beauty of being in Con's POV. I loved this possessive, loyal, amazing man even more in this book. He's loyal to his wife.. The love of his life and he is supportive and stands by all of the people he cares about. .
While this story had a lot less romance it still has a very gripping plot. It was much darker and reading is a very personal journey which is widely affected by mood. The darkness and sad themes did bring me down quite a bit but I gripped tight to my belief in this couple that good times would return.
Love prevailed and Con and Em got the HEA this author always promised.
I feel this author has a long and amazing successful road ahead of her.
So glad I experienced the love story of Con and Em.
One storm that will rage forever. 

My Hurricane Review

*Copy provided by author for honest review

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