Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Vines (A Killers Novel, Book 1) by Brynne Asher @BrynneAsher


How do I review a book that still has me feeling stunned? I'm full to the brim with so many emotions. Brynne Asher has such a crazy good knack of not only weaving a tale that catches you. She snares you in this web that you can't get out of and the weirdest part is that you don't want to be freed. For every page I turned I wanted to go back so I'd have more to read. For every chapter read I wanted to start over so I could make it last. It's more than one ingredient that I could blame. 
I could blame the cows. 
 Hey they were just so adorable. I could just tell you that Addie called to me with her quiet strength. I could say that Crew was an epic hero because even in his dark, painful yet crazy brave self he was epic.
 His loyalty, his protectiveness, our how about his devotion? I could pick a hundred different parts of this amazing story to scream about but I just can't fit it into one review. When you feel the passion searing from inside your kindle, you know you've found a winner and wow does Brynne know how to write the heat. 
But I can't shine light on just one single thing. It's just a sea of perfect things that turned this into one beautiful story. All the characters were full of life. Every single person begged for their story. Even the villains had secrets that screamed to be told. That's a story that you feel all the way through and saying I'm already screaming for more doesn't even come close to how I feel. I'm blown away and hungry all at the same time.
Secret, danger, passion, death and life.. And love that surpasses all the pain.. 
Truly an amazing read first page to the last.

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