Monday, November 21, 2016

Words I Couldn't Say (Promise in Prose #1) by Tessa Teevan @TessaTeevan

Words I Couldn't Say is by far a top favorite if mine for 2016.
I read for the emotion hidden among the pages. I want to feel everything. That means truly that yes I want to hurt, I want to cry and I want to love hard. I am sort of a prejudiced reader and its not something I care to change. I simply do not want to read about disloyal characters and I don't want to have all the sleeping around by my characters. I simply want a love story that I can not only believe in but one that I respect. I want to walk away after closing the story feeling like I not only lived their journey but that I liked them as people. So Tessa Teevan is a go to author for loyal, passionate, funny and breathtakingly beautiful stories and characters.
 Her men are flawed yet human and honorable. Her heroines are strong yet vulnerable and so tender hearted.
Ava and Tucker took those attributes and grew into a couple that really melted my heart. I felt all those feels I mentioned. I even can say I got angry and frustrated. Ava broke my heart but she learned from the pain and then put her lesson to work and that is what counts. 

 But the truth is that everything they did brought them to their truth. Tucker also knew where he went wrong and going about making things right in Tucker's amazing way was just perfect. 
This sweet healing story was filled with lessons for both characters.

The main lesson being they were meant to be and that life is short so grab your happiness and don't let go. If by chance it slipped through your fingers for a time.. Go after it. It's never too late. Their steadfast true loyalty will make them a favorite couple of mine forever. I adore this author and her truly romantic heart.

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