Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Freeze Frame (Snapshot, #1) by Freya Barker & KT Dove @Freya_Barker

I had high expectations after Shutter Speed gave me a glimpse into how amazing Ben and Isla were together. Well those high hopes weren't just filled they were blown sky high in a phenomenal way. 
Ben was the perfect balance of mysterious alpha who showed his heart by actions. When he decides to grace you with words though you'd better be listening because every syllable counts. 

Isla was sometimes a contradiction but really in the most human way.
 Strong yet vulnerable with a side of quirky to give her a sense of down to earth I like in my heroines. The suspense nearly gave me a heart attack and at one point I wanted to bleach my brain but thankfully this author team kept it to the bare minimum of details when I didn't think I could take anymore. I'm so thrilled at all the cameo appearance of my favorite characters of Freya's GFI hot bunch. I can't wait for more right now especially for Stacy and Jen to find there own heroes. Loved this story so much. 
Great job ladies.



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