Monday, November 24, 2014

Hard to Come By by Laura Kaye - @laurakayeauthor

Laura Kaye has really just amazed me each and every time with this series. These characters have burrowed into my heart and I just find myself feeling like I’m visiting friends each time I open a new installment. Marz was the funny guy who cracked
 everybody up. He also was the mystery that I wanted solved. I knew with him having had the loss of his leg in the devastating ambush they all suffered through , that he must have been hiding a little behind his humor and jokes. But what I found was a selfless and brave warrior who had the biggest heart. His past of never having a family or anyone who even told him they loved him, it just cracked my heart right in two pieces. 

Then comes Emilie and wow she was just the glue that was needed to put all the pieces back together again. After her painful history, Marz was just what she needed to not only make her feel wanted and treasured again but also to shake her world up and make it worth living.

Laura has a way with keeping she suspense and action at a heart pounding level to where you feel like you are in a speeding train with a mysterious foggy ending in site.

That mystery is what keeps you flipping pages to find out what will happen to these brave and wonderful men and they women they love. Sexy times and dirty talk topped this one off in the perfect passionate romantic way. A love story grew that was perfect in it’s pulse thumping intensity. Another amazing winner by Laura Kaye and I enjoyed every moment.

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