Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Shucker's Booktique by J.C. McKenzie - @JC_McKenzie

I was sucked into this fantasy romance from the first page. I loved the mystery and the connection between the hero Lon and the heroine Willa. From the moment the sexy and wet from head to toe Lon knocked on Willa’s door at 3am she was enthralled by his masculine and mysterious presence. I admit I was pretty smitten right along with her. I really thought that Willa’s internal dialogue was something else. She cracked me up so many times. With the mystery of her Aunt Jenny’s disappearance being the reason she is in Lobster Cove and at her aunt’s bookstore, she is immediately wondering if Lon has any connection to this situation. But her attraction sort of gets in the way of her curiosity.
Maybe this guy had the answers she sought.
 Maybe she could kiss them out of him

This was pretty funny and not the only time that Willa found herself fighting the attraction. Lon feels a deep sense of belonging to Willa and he wants her to reach out to him so badly. He had a hard time fighting his powerful attraction to her also. 

Her ex comes in and he’s a jerk of epic proportions. Lon is bound to his secret life and I was really worried for a while there that things were out of their control. But Lon comes through like the perfect hero he is and this was one sexy and romantic fantasy romance that I thoroughly enjoyed.


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