Thursday, May 7, 2015

Fracture by Amanda K. Byrne @AmandaKByrne

This was a suspenseful read and was at times so terrifying that I was holding my breath. I know that this was supposed to be a romance but the love story really didn't develop as much as the survival story took up so many pages. More about a girl who was knocked down but not out and a man who showed a few moments of kindness that helped shock her back into living. There were no romantic or sweet times. There wasn't many moments of tenderness. Mostly two people in an a very volatile situation trying to take what they could from each other to keep reminding themselves they were alive. Then choices had to be made that tied them together even harder than before. Extreme lack of communication led to even more pain and sadness. Then I finally see something maybe real from Declan and it ended. While this was written in a very intense and passionate way I really wish I could have had more of a love story. There was never any real change from Declan and I wanted inside his head. I'm very curious to read more from this author in maybe a different less intense backdrop and in more of a romantic type story. I can see she is a very creative and emotional writer so even with the parts that were lacking I saw greatness in the parts that were there. Because if I'd have been reading a thriller or survival story she really has an amazing way of setting up scenes. So I'm rating this 4 stars for the suspense and danger.

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