Thursday, March 3, 2016

Whiskey Neat (Uncertain Saint's MC #1) by Lani Lynn Vale @LaniLynnVale

This series started off with a bang. Griffin and Lenore were a riot together. From their initial meeting which had me in stitches to their passionate journey through ups and downs I was hooked.
Lani changed things up quite a bit with this new cast of characters. While she kept true to the spirit she keeps in all her books ..loyal characters and suspenseful plots..this one had an edge. These heroes are going to come very close to the line of right and wrong but you'll love them even more for it. 
 I was seriously holding on tight to my kindle wondering what Griffin would do next. But one thing that kept me smiling was the crazy and funny banter between these two. It wasn't all smiles and jokes though. Oh my Griffin. 
This deeply intriguing hero had demons and it looks like all of these gruff yet deeply enigmatic men of the Uncertain Saints will have their past battles to wage.
For Griffin it was tragedy that no person should have to suffer. Lenore along with some batteries shined light into his life in more ways than he expected. While there were times Griffin played the martyr, Lenore didn't stand by and take it. Which makes all the difference for me in any book where there is what I call "pushing away" .. This feisty heroine fought for her man. She didn't chase him..she laid BAIT.. and well when it was time she caught HIM forever. 
 Staying loyal and true to each other through it they fought their fight till the final bell and the victory was a beautiful life. 

I'm curious to see all the ways Lani will heal these broken men and the women to provide the best medicine. Love ..

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