Monday, February 29, 2016

I Hear...Love (A Different Road #2) by Annalisa Nicole @AnnalisaNicole4

I'm in absolute total overload of romantic bliss after finishing this breathtaking read. From the moment I discovered this author I've devoured all of her stories. The Romance genre has evolved in so many ways and not all positive. It seems the themes that sell are in my opinion completely opposite of what a love story should be. Annalisa Nicole hasn't forgotten what Love should read like in a story. She creates love on paper.. To see, feel and hear. This is a perfect series to describe how this author feels about love.

 A couple who may be incomplete on their own, broken in some cases but together they just make sense and the chaotic, painful and voices stop. For together Kate and Cooper smooth out the rough edges and clear the craziness. What's left is peace and acceptance. 
 Cooper totally personified the true romantic hero. From his patient love to his passionate seduction.
He helped Kate hear all the good noise in life and immerse herself in only those sounds. While I had moments of sadness, I still saw and felt hope on the horizon. I believed not only in this author but she absolutely gave me all the reasons to believe in this couple. While River had me fighting mad I simply took a step back and saw what he was facing. Control is one thing River needs and this was out of his control. Once the truth penetrated he showed the man he was and I fell hard for him again. These heroes including Josh are the best example of romantic leading men and I love every one of them. I had a cheesy smile on my face for a bit and enjoyed every moment. This author will always be my go to girl for the sweet and honorable side of romance. 
 She's just that good.

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