Sunday, July 10, 2016

Lie (The Right Men #1) by Mayra Statham

Wow this book had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Not for action or suspense but for the absolute connection I felt between these two characters that stumbled upon each other and start a love story straight out off the bat. Marcus is a movie star but he's not all stuck up or arrogant. I loved how real he was. I loved how he called her Gracie. 
He's so romantic and everything he said was swoon worthy sweet. Lots of heat and Sexy times. Sweet little Lexy definitely added that adorable banter although she was so mature for six yrs old. I still enjoyed her personality so much. There was a layer of when will the shoe drop the whole book making me flip through the pages so fast. One thing I need from my heroes is grovel when they screw up. Rest assured Marc only had eyes for his Gracie and any stupidity on his part had nothing to do with well anything but him being a guy who is a little bone headed and a lot clueless at one small part. When he made up for it hr went all the way. Absolutely loved this amazing story.

#SafeRead #PerfectHero

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