Thursday, July 14, 2016

Passion (Mafia Ties: Brandon & Carly book 3) by Fiona Davenport @AuthorFionaD @RochellePaige1 @AuthorElleC

Wow this series ended on a hopeful, nostalgic and perfect note. Brandon was so protective. From page one he was out for blood and someone had to pay. Carly's dear friend Thomas was another absolutely mysterious and interesting character who I really felt so bad for . He stood and took it and now I'm hungering for his story. 
 This installment had so many evil characters and betrayal at every corner.
Oh that Sean.. He made my skin crawl. 
The suspense was absolutely through the roof on this one. 
 Brandon's intense focus on reclaiming what was his, his life, his world brought tears to my eyes. 
 Of course Nic was still his extraordinary take charge self that had me distracted for a moment only because I caught my mini devil self on my shoulder battling it out about who I loved the most.. Nic, Brandon, Nic, Brandon.. 
Oh hell they are both so perfect.
Nic was more than a friend he stepped up like family. There is no blood thicker than the absolute loyalty of Mafia Ties.
Carly had so much spirit. She's tough as nails yet shows true feminine softness when Brandon layers her with dominant love. They had the perfect balance of passion to power.
 His total, complete and unwavering faith that Carly would free herself if it came to that, really melted my heart.
But that set it on fire was every time he called her kitten and especially when he describes her as his naughty kitty cat.
 He definitely can make a girl purr.
This series really captivated me and I almost fill a little bit sad that it's over. I only smile though thinking of the future and all the possibilities of stories for the next Mafia family generation. Get to writing my romance loving sisters. You keep so many of us happy in a world of heartache.

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