Thursday, August 4, 2016

Oxygen Deprived (Kilgore Fire, #3) by Lani Lynn Vale @lanilynnvale

Drew and Aspen were fun and feisty. I like their banter and their passion.
 Aspen was more than sassy, she was silly at times in her own crazy way.
 Drew had some idiot moves at first and seriously shouldn't have been dating at all in his position. His devotion to those he loves and anyone that's important to him is something that absolutely stole my heart. He's a true perfect hero even when he was a little silly and stupid. But what man isn't?
 Once he straightened his situation out I fell for him right along with Aspen.
 The crazy cast of characters were in rare form and I was absolutely ecstatic to have a lighter story without any depressive topics this time.
 I felt like Lani was back and I loved it.
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