Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dropout by Jamie Schlosser @SchlosserJamie

Jamie Schlosser really has grabbed my attention. Her books just give me warm and fuzzy feelings in all the fantastic ways.
Jimmy really and truly was the best kind of book boyfriend. Funny, faithful and flirty.. yes that and protective , loyal and honest. He knew when he messed up and was determined to redeem himself. Mackenna was like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. Yet she didn't really come into full life again until Jimmy showed up.
These two had me laughing a lot and really rooting hard for them. Up until 90% of the book I was in romance heaven. Their love story had so much to believe in. I adored the dates, starfish sleeping and corny jokes. It was refreshing to read love build and not be told it's just their overnight. Then well.. Sigh.. There has to be conflict I suppose so things got rocky and it went a little sideways for a bit. Mackenna lost her mind for a minute but I'm so glad Jimmy stayed firm and true.

 I really loved their reunion and the epilogue was sentimental enough to make me tear up.
This book had a couple of show stealers Grandma Beverly and Sweat Pea. These two really just kept me in cheesy smiles and giggles that wouldn't quit.

Jamie I can't wait for more.


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