Wednesday, August 5, 2015

An Act Of Redemption (Acts Of Honor Series Book 1) by K.C. Lynn @AuthorKCLynn

I just finished An Act of Redemption and again KC has stole my heart. My son is a US Marine and served in Afghanistan.. So many of his buddies have suffered from PTSD and fall behind forgotten sometimes. I appreciate what this author was conveying and love her for it. The men who fight for us everyday ..are sometimes so easy to push aside and forget once the war is over.

 I loved Logan and Anna and am so absolutely over the moon they stayed faithful to each other all those years. This proves loves stories that are the most touching stand solely on the intense feelings the characters show by their actions, no unnecessary drama needed. 
Logan struggled to put his past behind him and at the same time show not only those around him but himself that he was worth of love and that he was a good man. While he climbed his own hill of redemption , he found those that loved him all along and believed in him the whole time were waiting on the other side. Anna was courageous, feisty and loyal. Together these two made the picture of endless, undying love. K. C. has hit the nail on the head when it comes to passion and romance. This had the HEAT we are accustomed to but it had the most beautiful emotions in every love scene. 
  Visiting with previous characters had me laughing out loud. There were so many pages of me just smiling. 
It was fresh, sexy, funny and heartwarming. It had the perfect balance of laughter to tears, passion to pain and family to romance. 5 hundred stars. .

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