Saturday, August 1, 2015

Forever His Baby (The Baby Saga #1) by Airicka Phoenix @AirickaPhoenix

Ok this was a little outside my boundaries being that the heroine was pregnant with the heroes brothers baby. But after accepting that it was a one time awkward encounter between two best friends ..and no real romantic feelings..that ended in a beautiful life created, I was OK. Also this author did a phenomenal job of convincing me the reader that Sloan and Lily adored, loved, cherished, and honored each other. Sloan has jumped straight to the top favorite list of book boyfriends. He was loyal, protective, possessive, bossy, sexy, trustworthy, and so amazingly KIND. 
He showed such tenderness and care, so much patience and respect. He had the most extraordinary heart I've ever read in a hero. To step up totally to love and protect that was beautiful. But his love for Lily was beyond the words I could use to describe. I hung on his every word and action. 
The climax was perfect and Cole was a hero too. I adored that this author kept the drama to just the right levels and showed all the layers of love between all the characters. 
So last but really not least in no way is that this book shocked me with how freaking HOT it was. I scorched, blazed and burned the pages. I could nominate this book as totally perfect to be called Sizzling Pages. One hundred percent Perfect Alpha Male Approved.
I'll be reading all that I can from this author. If she gives me safe no other women stories triangles.. no angsty jealousy plots I'll be in heaven just like I was in this beautiful journey.
Just amazing really.

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