Saturday, August 22, 2015

Storm's Heart (Elder Races #2) by Thea Harrison @TheaHarrison

Storms heart will stay with me forever. I am so in love with the character of Tiago that I simply can hardly contain the swooning feelings in my heart. He was utter perfection and simply beyond amazing. From his profound protective nature to his sensual and seductive mesmerizing sex appeal , I was simply swept away. Sassy Niniane had me laughing and happy..then heartbroken for her . She was brave and strong all condensed into one small fiery package. There wasn't anything in the universe that could stop these two from tumbling headlong into an epic love. The action in Thea Harrison novels is spellbinding and the emotions that they bring forth are extremely attention getting but totally addicting too. You get sucked into this amazing magical world and I for one never want to leave. I love and actually only want loyal heroes when I read..heroines who don't play games is also a must. I love that the mating in this series isn't just nature, something they have no choice over. It's a process starting on a elemental level traveling to their hearts and ending in their souls. Romance at its finest, love stories to stay forever. Perfect example of Sizzling Pages.


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