Friday, August 21, 2015

Make You Burn (Deacons of Bourbon Street #1) by Megan Crane

I feel like a treasure hunter who stumbled upon a massive rare artifact. Melodramatic? Maybe. But when a reading addict like myself, finds herself lost in the massive and endless list of books that 

I get in a mood that could resemble a toddler with a pouty lip and stamping foot. Yea that bad. See I need a book that 


I simply shake like a heroin addict when I find mediocre after shamefully mediocre read. I get sidetracked and disinterested and just plain sad.
I'll have 4 or 5 books going at the same time..and clearly still yearning.
Then I started reading
Megan Cranes Make me Burn and it was like that sweet first taste of sinful ice cream on a hot Louisiana summer day.. Or sweet tea ..iced with the dripping condensation on your neck as you can't drink it fast enough. It was just that satisfying. Exactly what I needed.

From the first dirty, rough and crude word that Ajax spoke, I was HOOKED Like Sophie I was addicted to all that dirty asshole said. He was unapologetically MALE and he burned..with everything that word entailed. This being an MC novel means No butterflies and rainbows were hiding in the pages. 

But some hot , raw and seductive cat and mouse game was right there sucking me in. At times these two were so on fire I couldn't tell who would come out top, on their knees or up against a wall.

This was the first installment in what promises to be an explosive series and I am so ready for more .. I can hardly put into words how I'm feeling. Well I think you get the picture.. It was just that freaking good.
Megan did an Awesome job showing the gritty sexy and raw lifestyle of the MC club doesn't have to have a cheating hero. That is my favorite part of this book. 

Ajax had eyes only for Sophie from day one and ..she was enough for him in every way.
I devoured this in one day and simply just want more. 

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