Friday, September 4, 2015

Charlie Foxtrot (Code 11-KPD Swat #5) by Lani Lynn Vale @LaniLynnVale

I'm so totally in love with the amazing characters that this gifted author creates in every single story. Foster had some history that included wallbanging sex that almost ended up as negligent homicide by fornication.

 Yea, pretty big man slut, that is what Foster was before his accident. I was happy to read that when the wall came down though the man slut hung up his bed hopping card. Then the terrifying accident came and Foster changed in more ways than one. This brave and amazing guy didn't let this keep him down.. He used it to make him stronger. That's not saying he wasn't worried that a woman might see him as less. But thankfully the woman that caught his eye and his heart was a spitfire that saw he was a man of Steel even before his leg was put on each day. Blake was probably the most vulnerable heroine Lani has written to date in my opinion. She felt like she had been abandoned after her cheating ex and the divorce that decided assets and friends. Even to the point of her mom picking sides.
This left her with a feeling of not being good enough. But Foster quickly showed her she was desirable and lovable. He wasn't perfect but even when he made the most stupid choices.. (certain neighbor he left to sit with Blake) he made up for it and sometimes a simple I'm sorry goes a long way. He replaced all those bad memories with good ones and brought amazing people into her life to be called her new family. 

Of course the crazy family brought Lani's signature humor to the story and before I knew it I was totally lost in the story. One of my favorite characters in this story was not a person..but he didn't know that. 

“Boom goes the dynamite!” Boris sang. 

Every time they had sex this bird cracked me up!!  
 Mystery and action always plays a huge part and Lani balances this with the sexy and sweet love story with blazing scenes of passion between Foster and Blake.
I will say I cried like a baby a few times. With the best ending and epilogue ever I'll remember this story for a long time. I am so happy this author writes like the energizer bunny because I just can't wait for more.


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