Thursday, September 3, 2015

Execution Style (Code 11-KPD Swat #4) by Lani Lynn Vale @LaniLynnVale

Miller Genuine Spurlock was a hero in the truest definition. From the moment he took Mercy into his sheltering arms after her tragic attack, I was head over heels for this huge larger than life man. Mercy was beyond brave and really grabbed life by the balls. She was funny and kind. What was beautiful was that they became such close friends. Lani of course gave us the craziness of silly friends and family. Letting us visit with past favorites while teasing us with future possible stories to come. This was a unique love story that treasured life. I admire this author for her beliefs and her strength in not caving to the public pressure of writing what others want.. But writing what's in her heart. I for one feel safe while reading Lani's stories because every time I visit her wacky and crazy but beautiful sexy world I know I'll feel at home and like I can just relax and enjoy down to earth love stories where faith, family and freedom to love and protect those special to us is celebrated.
Keep dreaming Lani, I'll be right there ready to dive in

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