Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hold On (The 'Burg, #6) by Kristen Ashley @KristenAshley68

My heart is so full right now that it's nearly overflowing. When a series that has given me so much beauty comes to and end its bittersweet. 
Kristen did perfect justice to Merry and Cher.

 The way she brought these two together was absolutely brilliant. It was a delicate balance with Merry's past. Cher was not only a kick ass heroine, she was full on strong woman. At times that strength pushed her walls too high but thanks to inside and outside influences those walls stood no chance against what fate had in store for these two. 
When Kristen creates a hero, she takes every part of what's good and solid in the world and adds in bad ass and attitude along with honor and loyalty. Garrett Merry Merrick was all of the above with some really smart-assed elements thrown in. He needed that edge and that sarcasm to deal with all that was Cher.

 Merry was such a real man, one who wasn't afraid to take care of his woman and by extension everything and everyone who mattered to her. I simply kept wanting to shout YES so many times because this man really was perfect even when he wasn't. The heat in this book was above and beyond the hottest ever. There were blazing love scenes that left me feeling deeply and every single one had such profound emotional depth. Scenes that had me read them more than once. More than erotic, more than passionate. Sheer beauty that takes your breath away. 

Then I could go on and on about the cast of fabulous characters that Kristen sprinkled throughout . From the painful yet healing conversations between Dave and Merry that had me in tears and gosh I just felt like my heart would burst. The sweetest moments between Merry and Rocky ..ahh the swooning that Merry caused. Such a loving brother and friend. Then Cher building friendships with the ladies of the Burg. So many laugh out loud moments. Even the funny moments between Merry and Mike.

Mike grinned at the windshield.
 “Domestic bliss already?”
“Don’t know, but you’ll be the second to know when I do.”
Mike chuckled.

  From laughing together and even when Mike pissed Merry off simply was authentic Kristen Ashley.  The one thing I love about the relationships that this brilliant author creates is that they seem just real like friendships are realistic in the fact these guys might argue but in the end of the day they have each others back. Just like family. So every single character that showed their face in this epic read had my full attention. There was a star though and he wasn't a bad ass yet but was on his way to being one in full force. Yes, Ethan stole the show. That little man was amazing and brave. More names from so many books in the series that  just added that Kristen Ashley fantastic edge. Love . passion, suspense and family this series will always be held dear to my heart. Seeing favorites and revisiting stories had me in tears that were bittersweet. Of course even though I wanted it to go on and on..the end had to come.
There is no one out there that can do magic in a epilogue like this superbly talented author. So many insights of the futures of our favorites and maybe hopefully .. Crossing fingers and toes ..insights in to future story lines.
No matter what Kristen .. Girl you are just full up with author badass brilliance. Write on lady..we can't wait for what you have in store for us. 

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