Sunday, July 5, 2015

Ride Steady (Chaos #3) by Kristen Ashley @KristenAshley68

Ride Steady was brilliant. It was romantic, funny and extremely heart warming. This book was the reason Kristen Ashley is still my favorite author ever. 

She gives me love stories that make me grip my Kindle in the pain and the goodness. 

Joker has burrowed into my heart so deeply 

I just feel like I actually met him. 

I hurt for the little boy he was and I cheered for the beautiful special man he became.
 Kristen has a way of taking one story about one couple and threading it into a tapestry of so many more side stories that it ripples in a vast ocean of wonderful goodness. We got to see all our favorites from so many previous stories. She always makes it feel like you've come home to 

I adored Carissa so much. She just had such a beautiful soul. Some women would be torn down by a man and then one day deny ever loving him but Carissa never regretted her love for Aaron because for one thing it gave her that sweet bundle of googly Travis and for another it just made her stronger. What I loved about Carissa was her belief in those around her. She never doubted Joker. Not once and with her history.. She could have easily doubted any man.

 But Carson Joker Steele was not just any man. He was her friend from those high school days when he was just Carson till he came home as Joker  was her man in all the most profound ways that a real man can be. The way he adored her was like the perfect balance of love and respect. He lifted her up and he also wanted to give her the world, while at the same time receiving the world in the form of her and Travis.

There is nothing more beautiful than a man who unapologetically  loves a child.. Proving blood does not determine parental love. 

This man was just so wonderful and I'm still in fuzzy butterfly love hours after finishing. I just simply loved every single moment, the highs and lows and all the in between. 

I'll never find enough words to describe how very much I enjoy getting lost in this authors work. Simply brilliant , that's all.

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