Monday, July 13, 2015

Rock My Heart ( Luminescent Juliet #4) by Jean Haus @JeanHaus

Jean Haus brings me up and down and back to flying every time I dive into one of her sexy, sweet , intensely emotional stories. Gabe called to me from the moment his character was introduced in the previous installments. Brooding, hot headed and so sexy. Yea you know I love my bad boys. But the part that called to me the most was his part. An abusive alcoholic father took a childhood and turned it into a survival nightmare. Gabe came out as an angry yet protective man. April was very secretive almost. Like from the start of her involvement in the group of friends I felt something wasn't right. Jean did an amazing job at peeling back the layers and letting the reader see the real April. Her past was painful yet she really held too much responsibility for the things that happened. Gabe and April fit together like two puzzle prices. Him all angles and rough edges and April sharp lines and rigid curves. They evened each other out, creating balance. Every choice causes a reaction on life and we have to answer in some way. Gabe had major trials to face. When about to give up he made some pretty bad choices. Really the worst was pushing April away. But April was so amazing at not giving up and Gabe stole my heart back the moment he hit his knees. I really enjoyed this young, fresh romantic tale and can't wait for more from this author. She yanks my heart strings and feeds the music of my soul.
 4 Rocking stars. 

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