Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fighting to Breathe by Aurora Rose Reynolds @auroraroser

This was a passionate and healing second chance love story that took me through a rainbow of emotions. True to this Author's method, she filled the pages with words of extreme depth and bone deep beauty. I was sucked in, I stayed riveted and I was left completely satisfied. 
The fact that this story worked for me is true to her genius in how she portrays her characters. I usually have a hard time with second chance love stories but I had faith in Crystal because she's never let me down yet. I dove in and I happily sunk into sweet romance land. 
Young and in love Lea and Austin had it all planned. A beautiful life with babies and happiness in spades. Tragedy strikes and Lea runs. . Having to say goodbye to one important person while facing all her demons Lea had to be brave. Years pass and both have tried to move on. Austin with casual relationships and Lea with a failed marriage.
The one thing that remained the same was their undeniable connection and undying love. Secrets, lies and deep seated fears are fought against. Two souls trying to calm the waves and find their peace while healing all the brokenness. This was a touching and sweet second chance love story and I was overwhelmed with all the feelings it brought forth. There was humor and there was heat. But most of all love that wouldn't be beaten and hope for those that need a little light in their darkness. The emotional scenes with Lea and her mom and all the new and old friendships formed were bittersweet. I devoured this read as I always do anything this author writes. 

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