Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tear Asunder Series: With You & Torn From You by Nashoda Rose

Thank you Nashoda Rose & Netgalley


Ok, I want to say that Nashoda Rose is like a gypsie or a little fairy that in the quiet hours of the morning she sprinkles her stories with such sweet loving fairy dust that it starts out so freaking hot and wonderful that you are the top of the tallest water slide or roller coaster and and you are so ready so slide into the HEA and then
yea...Kidnapped, beaten, sexually assaulted , humiliated and broken in 15 days of soul shredding terror.
Oh I know I was warned..and I went in knowingly and don't think I am really complaining rather I am just screaming with every single feeling I have went through.

With You is a love story building and building with a beautiful crescendo that leaves you panting and just so high on lust. Two interesting characters so into each other and even though you know already what the next book is still don't get it. Until you do. 


Logan (Sculpt) is mysterious, beautiful and freaking oozing raw sensuality. He doesn't even give Emily the time of day when they meet. It takes her feisty spirit to wake up this deep dark dominant inside of him that wants to protect her, own her and save her all at the same time.

Little did he know that saving her would be just what he had to do all while breaking her piece by piece.

Then to have to put her back together and allow her to see all his own breaks heal with hers. 

Emily was torn between wanting him with every breath and hating with all the fight left in her.

 It's amazing when you find a story that has so much depth and so many underlying subjects to deal with. You have two people who met in very uncommon opposites but a love that can't be denied. When I find a love story like this that has my heart beating in my chest praying and rooting for the couple but at the same time wanting to scream with frustration, I love it. I simply adore those types stories

I want to say that I loved this book so freaking much and I am so ready for the rest of the books to follow. Nashoda what do I have to do to get you to snort or smoke some more of your magic writing powders so we can get this faster?? Like tell me ..I am your  bitch! Sock it to me.

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