Saturday, December 28, 2013

Beck (Corps Security #3) By Harper Sloan

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Harper Sloan introduced us to a bunch of characters in her debut novel Axel. I fell head over lusty heels for these amazing guys. I was thrilled with the opportunity to review and participate in a blog tour for Beck. Here is my dilemma.

I am in a complete total ball of rambling thoughts.

I loved this book so much and I am so freaking amazed by all of the emotions and I can’t even express into words everything that I am feeling.

First of all I fell in love with Beck in the previous books but what I thought I knew about Beck was so far off the mark. He wasn't just this life of the party hot guy who seemed like he just didn't take anything serious. NO, he was the rock, the steadfast shelter in a storm of Dee's life. He was there when nobody else was. Beck is the hero in this twisted fairytale. He battled the demons and beat them back in Dee's head.
Dee was not my favorite heroine, I felt so bad for what she endured. I wanted to shake her at times to say wake the F up because when you push him too far he isn't gonna come back. I just felt that at times she didn't deserve Beck at all. I know that by the end she really woke up and I know that Beck saw something in Dee that maybe we couldn't. I do know that these two people were like a hurricane in their love scenes. Talk about some scorching dirty talk and blazing hot sexy times.
I wanted their HEA to always be that Happy Ever After.

I'm a US Marine MOM. I am unapologetically am 100% behind our US Military. I prayed constantly when my son was over seas. I had a moment in this book that really shattered my heart.

My love for these characters just had a massive hit and I just wanted to cry, scream and rant. I hope that somehow the future books heal this hurt and make it more bearable but for now I am just broken -hearted.

I want Maddox now. I have have to have Maddox.

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