Thursday, October 30, 2014

Grayson by Lisa Eugene - @lisaeugene43

Grayson by Lisa Eugene totally swept me off of my feet and took me for the most passionate romantic journey. I was captured and possessed by the first erotic and explosive encounter. One private moment mesmerized the heroine Angie and myself right along with her. Angie saw something in this beautiful broken yet amazing fortress of a man that not only seduced her senses but captured her heart, body and soul. 

While I got lost in this blazing love affair I also found myself losing a piece of my heart to this brilliant man.. It was such a sensational touching story that at times it felt so real. I was totally sucked into the story and couldn't put it down. 
 Lisa took a very emotional subject and created a beautiful love story that would melt the hardest heart. Grayson’s character was by far one of the most intriguing and mysterious heroes I’ve ever read. I’ve read a lot of heroes but I can promise Grayson will be in my heart and in my mind for a long time to come. Lisa had a way with words and emotions that kept me gasping and sighing and swooning galore.

The heat was fantastic, the romance splendid and most of all the meaning and total brilliance of a profound subject touching in a way that I’ll never forget. 

As a daughter to a parent that suffers from living with the devastation of bi-polar depression, I can with utmost sincerity say that Lisa did this story justice and with heartfelt grace. I applaud her efforts and  Grayson is one character that is going to live in my heart always.

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