Sunday, October 26, 2014

Underneath it All (The Walsh's #1) by Kate Canterbary - @kcanterbary

All I can think right now is the phrase “thank you , thank you, thank you” . I needed this type of read like you can’t even imagine. I went in expecting maybe something witty and funny and a whole lot of sexy with that synopsis. What I got was that an so freaking much more. Matthew had me as putty in his hands from the moment he started having x-rated thoughts about Lauren. For this guy she was the total opposite of what he usually went after but it didn’t stop her from knocking him to his knees. From their first night together it was pure fireworks. 

 The banter between these two was sizzling and sexy but also funny and fierce. Like two tornadoes trying to see who could cause the most havoc. They just fed off of each other with intense electricity. Lauren's dirty inner vixen fed the alpha male over the top caveman in Matt and I adored every single moment they spent together. 

This intense attraction sent Matt and Lauren both on a tailspin. Matt knew from the first moment and didn’t hide that he wanted more from Lauren. His thoughts had me swooning so many times. 

 Lauren was the mystery in this story. Why she did and thought the way she did have me so confused most of the time. I started understanding her more by the end and even with her little push pull routine I felt her struggle the entire time. It’s like her mind was saying one thing and her body and heart a whole different song was being sung. 

 Matt he was perfection with a genius brain and still I wanted to picture him with a tool belt even if I know that he’s the one telling those guys what to do with said tools.

 I can’t say enough how much I adored this amazing story.

  I can already tell that I'm anxiously awaiting Patrick’s book.  I've added Underneath it All to my favorites of all times shelf and I am so happy I spent this day with Matt and Lauren and this crazy and passionate cast of characters.

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