Saturday, October 4, 2014

Masquerade by Georgia Le Carre - @GeorgiaLeCarre

Georgia Le Carre just blew my freaking head off. 

Like over the top
 take me for a ride..right to the edge of my boundaries going to push me off a cliff and yanked me back blew my mother freaking head off.

I am so in love with this lady. She doesn’t have a clue how bad I’m crushing right now.

When my girl Cariad told me about The Billionaire Banker Series and I discovered Blake Barrington. I decided he  will always my Beast ..and Lana my Beauty.

But oh my gosh Jaron Rose and Billie Black are like Sleeping Beauty in EROTICA..on steroids!!

Why did I pick this analogy? Because there is no doubt in my mind that Billie has been living in a dream like state her entire life…living out fantasies on other women..
that she hungered to be done to her 
 but by an amazing and passionate dominant man
She just hadn't found him yet.

What she found in Jaron blew her world apart.
He was bossy, sexy, dominant and 100% alpha male perefection. 

He turned her total world upside down and inside out.

One spectacular night connected these two only like soul mates could.
He woke up Billie and everything that came afterwards was a mysterious seduction of the senses and a complete and total domination of the heart.
When I say that this book was HOT I mean freaking HELL on WHEELS HOT! 

Hand's down Jaron Rose takes the Hottest Dirtiest Filthiest Sex and Talk Scenes EVER!!!
Georgia has this way about her writing that she can push you, pull you and take you for this epic ride. You come up against walls and boundaries that you'd never even think to cross before. I found myself on the precipice so many times. Scared, Terrified. 
I'd get to a point where I was like screaming and holding my breath. 

So trying to trust my Georgia and not freak out. 
Things happened that brought me almost to my knees. 

Times where I was frozen!

Then suddenly I could breath because I should have known that Georgia had my back.

 and then the  freaking sex scenes would come about again ..oh hell 

A HOT Blazing Sizzling romance at it’s finest with the most beautiful ending that I still have the tracks of tears running down my face.

Georgia, your pen it slays me it captures me and it snares me forever and any day my imagination is your playground and you can come here to plant the seeds where your larger than life heroes can grab hold of my heart and never let me go. I simply can’t ever put into words what your books do to me.

You want a ride that takes you over a cliff into the unknown where you can’t fathom how you’ll make it..but suddenly out of know were my Georgia she saves me and pushes me back safe and sound in a sweet and epic love story of one amazing Hero and his fiery feisty Heroine.
I’m floored.

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