Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Vipers Den: Part One Piper & Kade by Eliza Brown - @IamElizaBrown


Viper’s Den was a surprising energetic and at time humorous as hell joy ride. I was at first a little bit confused with the heroine's personality. She is very brash and at times blunt as heck. After relaxing and just telling myself to see where this was going I found I actually enjoyed her “out there” persona like a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. It was refreshing although a little tart.
Sassy one liners and inner monologue to make you cry from laughing.  

Add just enough sugar and you got one tasty treat in the feisty Piper Jones. Heck even her name is sassy.
So the funny parts in this book had me rolling and for some reason every time I heard Piper get a little irate in my head ..I saw Madea.

Yea crazy moments that had me going WTF? But loving every minute of it. Do not cross Piper!!

We had crazy ex stalkers and silly friends and well meaning family members. So much drama in one little book you’d think it would bury the romance under all the craziness but it worked. 

It was sexy as hell when Kade and Piper connected. I am talking hot hot hot. Kade was the perfect boyfriend and he had like every quality that would make it hard for any women to be immune to his charm. But add in the fact that this sexy guy cooked!! Oh holy heck!!

Then the sweetest love scene that some how not only sizzled it vibrated ..with passion and emotion.

I was very pleased with this sexy short but perfect in all the right places novella and am eager to see where this author takes us with this crazy energetic cast of characters.


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