Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Inevitable Detour (Inevitability #1) by S.R. Grey - @AuthorSRGrey

S. R. Grey is a sneaky author. I found that this story was one surprise after another. I will be honest like I always am and say that I wasn’t always happy with Ms. Grey. 

No not at all. But I can say that she kept me flipping pages and gripping my kindle. I was one minute smiling at the romance, the next fanning myself over the sizzling heat.
Ok so that shower scene?  Yea!

Then the mystery oh crap like I’m sitting there at points really and totally baffled at where this is going but I had to know what and who and when and why and it was killing me! I loved how this sweet romance slowly simmered until it was a rolling boil. 

 Farren and Essa were amazing together and even when I wanted to scream at him to freaking TALK ..he was still this sexy mystery and the silent strong sexy types always keep me on my toes.
This is an action packed suspense filled erotic at times journey that will keep you guessing, sweating and at times screaming. Like I did at the end.

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