Saturday, January 31, 2015

Beautifully Insightful by K.C. Lynn @AuthorKCLynn

K.C. Lynn has again broken my heart and then put it back together all over again. I seem to always find her books touch something special in my heart. Whether it's her brave heroes from the Men of Honor series.. calling to the Marine mom inside of me to this amazing love story. This story touched me at a very different level. Where I'm at now is so far from where I came from. A girl from the projects .. bullied and put down daily.. I had to learn to fight for everything. To being 16 and a mother.. trying to raise a young man. I learned this world is full of judgement and it was hard to be given a chance to prove who you are on the inside. In Emily and Ryder's story, it's a perfect portrayal of how class and money can corrupt even the people who you should be able to trust. 
This was a heartbreaking story that made me feel every emotion. But in true K.C. Lynn fashion she pulled my battered and bruised heart through to the other side. I saw two souls that fell in love overcome so many obstacles and truly find beauty and unconditional love. If we see inside a person.. and not the external packaging.. this world would be something precious indeed. Through Emily we saw how truly a person can fall in love with another from the inside out, from their soul to their skin.  
With Ryder we found that no matter what our past looks doesn’t keep us from conquering and creating our own destiny if we just never give up and always believe.
This wouldn't have been a true K. C. piece of art without the most possessive hero that she can give us. Ryder was perfect..amazing and just AWESOME. 

There were so many twists and turns that I was kept riveted and in awe. I adore this author for the sheer reason that she always makes me feel so strongly. She keeps her heroes true and her heroines strong enough to deal with all that a KC Lynn hero needs. If you read one book this year..that might just teach you something about how you see the world..this would be that book. KC Lynn is not just an author..she is a writer of EMOTION, BEAUTY and MAGIC. She pen's feelings! They flow right from the pages into your heart. Sheer perfection

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