Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hundred To One (Cedar Tree #2) by Freya Barker @freya_barker

Freya barker has again left me with joy and warmth in my heart. In a world sometimes filled with pain and sadness I adore finding feel good yet riveting romances. With deeply layered yet surprisingly real characters , this series has stolen my heart. Seb was so amazing with a colorful soul to match his tatted body. 

The perfect fit to the feisty Arlene , he brought her from strong yet reserved in the love department to a passionate force to be reckoned with. Suspense that had me shivering with goosebumps to passion that kept me warm even after the Kindle was closed this love story simply checked every romance loving box. So many wonderful characters that had me screaming... ooooh Freya write their story too!! I simply just have one word.. MORE!


  1. Oh. My. Lord. I actually have a lump the size of a potato in my throat and I was just eating a bowl of ice cream - which is now melting on the table because I can't swallow!!!
    I am so incredibly grateful that you have found my books, and that I get to read your gracious comments. Sure, it causes an immediate hot flash of humbled and slightly embarrassed appreciation, but there are always layers that can be removed - Oh, and I still have that ice-cream!! Thank you so much, Nichole. I babble because my heart is full.

    xox Freya B.

    1. You are sweet and funny. Also you continue to write these amazing and REAL feeling stories and I will be in line every time. This book was the perfect medicine for my battered soul.. perfect timing. I would squeeze the ice cream out of ya if you were near. Virtual hug lady. xxoo


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