Friday, January 23, 2015

Last Hit: Reloaded (Hitman #2.5) by Jessica Clare & Jen Frederick @JenSFred @_JessicaClare

I was so excited when I found out that we’d get more of Nick and Daisy. This series has captivated me like no other. I loved these heroes for the sheer reason that they ADORE their women and are the most protective and possessive that I’ve read. Nick was the most intense hero that I’ve encountered with his background. Daisy was so sheltered and when they fell in love and Last Hit ended, I have to admit that I wondered how they’d make it in the real world when Nick was no longer this paid hit man and Daisy had to get used to the world with all the things she’d never encountered before.

Last Hit Reloaded delved into all of these issues and shined a light on what happens after the HEA. Nick still wanted Daisy 24/7 right by his side and was so very protective of her. He couldn’t put always those hit man urges where everything might be a danger. He truly loved this woman so much he didn't think he'd live without her. 

“You are my heart. If I would lose you, then death is the only mercy I would find.”

Daisy struggled with making friends which broke my heart. There was so much passion between these two and what really was uncovered or realized is that their love was so strong that as long as they stood strong together they’d get through anything and I really truly felt like I read a true story of soul mates. Mystery, suspense and amazing love scenes left me feeling some hope and happiness at a time I really needed it.

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