Friday, January 2, 2015

Shoot For the Moon (Black River Pack #2 ) by Rochelle Paige

OK, Rochelle you totally won me over with Spencer and I adore you so much for easing my heart. I loved this book and devoured it. Spencer and Eliza had a rough start ..with him blocking the truth from his mind. In all fairness after knowing how he really felt and saw things I kinda understand where he was coming from.  What I loved was that even if he couldn't surrender to the mating instinct..he never wavered from his physical need of Eliza. Never looked or wanted another woman once he saw Eliza. 

His wolf and his heart was already committed to her even if his mind couldn't follow. I really liked Eliza a lot with how she didn't just roll over and say oh baby it's ok..No she made him work for it and that made the love scenes that much hotter. 
Spencer had that dominant dirty mouth and he was at the same time so protective and loving. His heart broke thinking he had treated his mate too badly ..and he did everything to win her back. Lot's of mystery and a whole lot of passion and I had totally consumed this sexy read in one sitting. 
Can't wait for Parker's book! 

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