Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Claiming Serenity (Seeking Serenity #3) by Eden Butler @EdenButler_

Eden Butler really knows how to take my emotions on a mind boggling adventure. From humor to anger and passion to wonder she brings feelings to the surface so vividly that you can almost see them shimmer in the air.

 I would pick up my Kindle and lose myself in the catastrophic whirlwind that was Donovan and Layla and get so frustrated that I'd find myself wanting something to break. . to crush.. I wanted to scream and don't remember ever wanting to throttle two characters more than these two. 

Eden surely you had to find yourself a little bit of indigestion writing this.. hate - love story. But hold on for a moment if you think I'm bashing anything. Because for every violent thought I had. . there were 50 hopeful and eager thoughts to follow. See that's what makes Eden so brilliant. To take my heart and invest in a couple that seems like a train wreck.. and make me believe in them so strongly that I couldn't give up. I felt this authors hope and her redeeming love being poured into these explosive moments between two stubborn people. . felt it so strongly that I had to.. craved. . the outcome and knew somehow someway that the walls would come down and the real and true emotions and dreams would save them.

 Friendship and family.. a place of love and forgiving souls.. flawed yet loyal.. is where this cast of characters lived. I still feel like I'm there.. one of them. That's the world Eden created. It might have been a rough ride but the truly meaningful things in life aren't easy.

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