Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Reclaimed by River Savage @RiverS_Author

River if I could send an audience to your house to give you a standing ovation.. I'd do it right now. 

As a mother of 25 yrs.. and 3 boys total I applaud you wholeheartedly for approaching this sensitive and emotional topic. You gave us honesty and realism. You didn't cover it up or lower the facts to be more palatable or romantic. What you gave the reader was the truth that even the beautiful things in life aren't always shining bright and full of sweetness. No the truly meaningful gifts are the ones that leave battle scars on our bodies our hearts and our minds. 
From someone who was living through post partum depression at age 16 and survived.. you did this story justice in every way. Nix was so amazing and rough and even flawed but real..Kadence was a warrior who fought her way back. I adored every moment even when it hurt. One hundred percent beauty.. even in the pain. Bravo.

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