Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lights to My Siren (The Heroes of the Dixie Wardens MC #1) by Lani Lynn Vale @LaniLynnVale

When I have tears streaming down my face from emotions so deep that I can hardly put them into words, I know then that I’ve found a story that has touched me deeply. When I decided to give Lani Lynn Vale a chance and started this series it was because I had read the reviews of book one and saw that this was what I called a “Nic” proof book. There wouldn’t be any cheating or sex outside the hero/heroine. But what I found was so much more. This book was layered with energy that vibrated throughout. I am finding it hard to explain what I encountered in this amazing love story. Yes I’ll confess it has my favorite thing, insta-love. No the characters Sebastian and Baylee didn’t confess this love right away …it was more like lust but they were drawn to each other like nothing I’ve ever read before. I just loved though how this author took the time to bring these two together in a slow burning build of passion. They became a real couple and this story had so much more than their relationship going on. Baylee was a very strong heroine and had a very high stress job as a paramedic and also was dealing with two health disorders. Adhd and a bleeding disorder.  and I loved how Lani brought so many details of Baylee’s job and these health issues into the storyline. It didn’t detract from the romance, it was enhanced because it showed how they worked together as a couple and how they had to overcome the obstacles that we all face in real life. Real that’s the word I’ve been looking for. This book had real issues and it had things that made this love story feel authentic. I loved Sebastian so much. He was strong, loyal, protective and possessive. He didn’t mince words or try to hide his feelings. He wasn't just the VP of the MC club, no he was a firefighter who saved lives and worked hard. He just laid it out there. He wasn’t one for flowery words but showed his feelings..his actions spoke for themselves.  

 His past as a Marine really spoke to my heart being a mother to a US Marine myself. But when he took Baylee on a trip to visit some special friends… my heart broke. I learned something I feel ashamed to say I never knew before. Visiting the cemetery of lost heroes.. there’s a tradition. Simple coins. But profound meaning.

Nickels meant that the deceased and visitor to the grave attended boot camp together.
A dime meant that they served with the person in some capacity.
And a quarter, like the one Sebastian had just left, meant that they were with them when they’d died.

This part of the story just had me in tears and feeling so thankful for men like my son but also for the families and the loved ones left behind.

So Sebastian didn’t always speak the romantic words..he was all about doing, showing and claiming.  But his actions were LOVE and it was so consuming how he loved Baylee. When this book had me gripping my kindle and holding my breath till I was dizzy..and gasping..I knew then without a doubt I’ve found an author that I have to have more of. I was totally enraptured and oh Sebastian has really taken my heart.

With any MC series there is going to be the brotherhood, the foundation of the club. 

This had so many interesting and intense characters that Lani took the time to make me the reader want more..right now. I want Kettle’s story and I want Sterling’s and  Trance. I haven’t looked at the next book but will be diving right in hoping it’s also safe for me. I was totally consumed by this amazing story and this author now has one girl who will be watching the name Lani Lynn Vale very carefully. Lani, I want perfect Alpha’s like Sebastian. Loyal, true and possessive. Write girl write.
OH …one last thing. From a girl born and raised in Louisiana, I really really loved the setting of this book being partly in my state.
Any body who loves a good loyal hero, sexy romance with suspense, passion and intrigue..along with an authentic reality type plot. Give this one a’ll be pleasantly surprised.


  1. Thank you so much for this review, Nichole! You really made me a happy person today! <3

    1. You are so welcome and I dove straight into the next book ..loving it too!


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