Monday, February 2, 2015

Throb by Vi Keeland @vikeeland

Vi Keeland just took me for a emotional ride. For the most part I was in my happy place this entire book. I have several no fly zones when it comes to my romance. The weird part is that .. I'd have never been able to read this story if Kate and Coopers situations were reversed. I barely tolerated Kate at one particular point but had to try to put myself in her shoes for a moment and.. still really don't think I could fully understand her. There are just some things that didn't add up for me. I liked Kate but felt something was always. . just off. That is the only reason I couldn't give this story 5 stars. Kate had other options but she stayed with the one that hurt Cooper. But Cooper oh man what really kept me riveted and mesmerized because Vi just has that it factor when she creates her heroes. His dominant and bossy ways were sublime and I really felt him fall for Kate. He always had Kate's best interest at heart.  Sexy and sweet and bumpy at times.. even when I was fuming mad I didn't want to stop reading just because I had to know how it would play out. As for Flynn.. really not sure about him. The whole scenario with him grossed me out. Its hard to see him in a better light after that. Vi may surprise me though. Either way Cooper is going down as one of my favorite heroes ever. 

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