Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Intoxicate (Explosive #4) by Tessa Teevan @TessaTeevan


I completely adored how Tessa approached this story line. We all knew that Kalli and Xavier had been dancing around their explosive connection .. and this was the perfect way to reach their HEA. Tessa always gives us amazing and romantic journies with characters that suck you in and leave you feeling like you met a friend. Xavier stole my heart with his devotion to Lily and Kali who just lays everything on the line with no regrets was his perfect fit. Their chemistry and the sexual tension threatened to cause my kindle to .. yes.. combust, incinerate and ignite puns intended. But most of all her romance is intoxicating and the passion between Kalli and Xavier was beyond beautiful. I adored this couple so much. I think Kalli was my top favorite heroine due to the fact she was so freaking honest and unafraid. Xavier was perfect in every way. 

Totally loved everything about this sexy romance. Can't wait for more from one of my top give me what I want authors.

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