Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sweet Sinful Nights (Sinful Nights #1) by Lauren Blakely @LaurenBlakely3


Sweet Sinful Nights was so emotional for me. From the prologue to the epilogue I felt so deeply and profoundly all the feelings these two amazing characters lived through. Young and in love trying to conquer the world they and encountered
some huge mistakes that cost them a lot.   I wanted to scream at them both but things had to play out the way they did. Lauren has such a true talent at truly making me believe in a love story. I felt their pain as they walked away from each other. Ten years later and such passion and such regret. But what I loved was how truly devoted they were to each other. 
Sweet love scenes and dirty talking banter was sprinkled throughout this read and I adored it all. When things got really tough I hung in there because Lauren always makes it right. Brent was truly something else. Funny, loving and even stubborn at times, he was just everything that Shannon needed. I loved how strong they both needed each other physically and emotionally. A perfect balance to each other. It was so refreshing to read a hero who was hell bent on making things right and also was eager to make his woman feel LOVED in every way. Of course there was so many HOT moments in this baby. Total Kindle meltdown. I felt so much hope watching them admit they still loved each other.
 So many moments of sharing, confessing, forgiving and then healing.
 Ten years might have passed but their hearts didn't know that. They just fell right back into their amazing love. I loved all the extra characters and already am so eager for Shannon's brothers stories. All of them. The ending was perfect and just reeled me in. Every time you want a love story that keeps you trembling with emotions and burning with passion you pick up a read from Lauren Blakely and every box will be checked.  From  sizzling lust to suspenseful mystery.  She gives you family, friendship, humor, forgiveness and most of all love. Romance you can really feel.  This author fills me up with everything in each story she writes. I simply can't get enough. 


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