Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Best Kase Scenario (Hyde #2) by Layla Frost @laylafwrites


One of the privileges of being a blogger and reviewer is that you get to learn about newer authors . You get to share the news about their books with everyone. I read Hyde & Seek after a I was told this author fit my tastes. I really enjoyed it. I made sure to tell anyone I could to read it. Then Best Kase Scenario was in the works and I quietly stalked Layla, counting down the days. I simply couldn't wait. Now I'm done and I'm in awe. Simply put I'm flabbergasted. This lady improved and grew in writing so much I can hardly contain my awe. This book simply blew me away. 
 Totally different and absolutely unique it sucked me in from page one.
Everyone knows I adore some insta love. Well this story had one absolutely 100% loyal from the start couple.. But they built a love story that grew deeper and stronger over time. I enjoyed this slow build and that there wasn't any rush. To see a couple of hard working individuals live their life with truly realistic obstacles.. Work schedules and family obligations. To see how a man who is honorable and patient really nourishes their relationship warmed my heart. 
Kase was alpha but he was also a gentleman. He cherished Harlow from the start. 

He treated her with respect and he also loved her physically and did it fiercely.
The added joy of reading about the crew at Hyde and of course Piper and Jake and all there moments of Sizzling chemistry, absolutely laugh out loud humor just added to the story in the best way. With just the right level of suspense and drama Harlow and Kase's journey captivated me and I enjoyed every second.. Except when it had to end.
I definitely want several characters stories and I will be going right back to stalking all over again

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